the Cat Pack — N9767, “Princesse des étoiles”

This series of posts will retrace a few of the surviving airworthy (or close) PBYs around the world, and their history.

CAT9767 article thumbnail

N9767 is arguably the most iconic of all PBYs that have survived until today. Once a U-Boat Hunter, then Photo Reconnaissance Aircraft, Transport Plane, Firefighter, Flying studio for the French TV channel TF1 on “Operation Okavango”… This Catalina performed virtually all the missions she was designed, then adapted for, and is still in flying condition today in France as N9767.

Created in collaboration with Angels One Five, today’s featured article presents an illustrated history of this venerable PBY, c/n 21996, from her launch in the 1940’s to her return to flight in 2011. It’s available in French (PDF/8Mb) and in English (PDF/8.2Mb).

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