the Double Sunrise Cats

July 2013 marks the 70th Anniversary of the inaugural Double Sunrise Flights across the Indian Ocean from Perth, Australia to Koggala in southern Ceylon (Sri Lanka). RAAF PBY Catalina flying boats manned by Qantas crews flew the 3500 Naut. Miles (5652 Km) in a time ranging from 27 to 32 hours thus seeing the sunrise twice. Personnel carried on these long range flights were thus awarded a certificate called the “Secret Order of the Double Sunrise”

At near maximum take-off weight and carrying 1988 gallons (7525 litres) of fuel the Catalinas carried VIPs and important documents to break the Japanese blockade to the North of Australia and maintain contact with British and Allied forces in India and the rest of the world.

A documentary has been produced called “Double Sunrise Flights” directed & produced by Daniel Bunker:

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